ivan_groznii (ivan_groznii) wrote,

Trailer for the new K9 series

K9 Trailer

A few thoughts:

  • Um, didn't they already try a K9 spin-off series that didn't work?
  • K9 has legs...and he can fly?!
  • Didn't they already cover the younger end of the Doctor Who fan base with the Sarah Jane Smith show?
  • Not to complain, but can the market really sustain four simultaneous Doctor Who-related TV series? What's next, CSI: Gallifrey and Law and Order: Doctor Who? (I am almost expecting the day when PBS runs out of BBC material to show on Masterpiece Theatre, so they have to start showing Doctor Who.)
  • And aren't we talking about a TV series that they cancelled after running it into the ground in the late 1980s? Not only is it back, but there's more going on now than ever.
  • Am I the only one who thinks that they should consider making a UNIT series if they are going to make all of these spin-off series?
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